200 origami cranes ready to fly

One a day, I’ve already made 200 origami cranes. It says fast, but faster time has passed, believe me. I started in February and suddenly we are at the end of August. Tempus fugit. Sometimes with these things I think that there is no need to waste time, that you have to live the moment and enjoy every second, but…

Have you noticed all the time we waste to do what they call “live in the moment”? We waited two hours at an airport to catch a plane and then 8 hours of flight. Perfect.

It bothers me to waste my time. I’m not hyperactive, but I can not see myself still. Sometimes it’s even hard for me to do just one thing at a time. So wasting the time on travel, which is something that is planned before or at least known before doing it… it takes my life.

Not only do I have to fight against the stress of planning to travel but I also have to do it knowing that I will waste time doing it while I’m already wasting time while I think about it… So I waste my time as I think that time passes but now the time is passing when I think about it and when thinking about it, time has passed.

But that time flies has a positive side: just as the good times passes, the bad ones will also pass. The reason yesterday you cried for, tomorrow you won’t care about, whether it is for good or not. Whatever you do, time goes by, if you don’t waste it today, you will waste it tomorrow and no more drama.

I do not think we have to “live in the moment”, we have to “live life” and all the life is the time we have to live it.

It took me about an hour to write this text that you will read in less than a minute and a half … that’s the time. When I folded the first crane I thought that this day would never come… actually ‘this day’ was yesterday, today I just published #201.

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