365 cranes in 365 days, both amazing

I can not believe it’s been a year since I started cranes. And not only because of the time, which has become too short, but because of everything that I have changed in this time.

When I started making cranes it was simply a personal project to work on perseverance, a virtue that I thought I did not have. My confidence in myself was so low that I assumed that I would not even make 100 cranes. I decided to do an Instagram account to try to feel some “social pressure” that forced me to make a crane every day. And the rest of the story could be summarized as… we are here, 365 cranes and days later.

I have said “constancy, a virtue that I thought I did not have”, because I think that after a year of cranes I can say that I can be constant and that, in fact, I am. Making origami cranes has made me a better person. And not just for being more constant now. I have learned a lot, so much, that I do not know if I will be able to explain it in this blog.

I have learned to be honest with myself. It is not that before it was not, but I was deluding myself. I would never have defined myself as a defeatist person, but … what kind of person is one who starts a project of 1000 origami cranes, assuming that it will not reach a hundred? Yes, he was defeatist. Of course he was, even if he did not see it. So cranes origami has taught me to really realize how I am. Maybe this does not change me as a person, but it does change my perspective in many aspects, and learning to be honest with oneself is always good.

I know I can not boast of having a long history of creations, products or tutorials. I know I just started doing them. But my attitude has changed. In the beginning, my Instagram account was an excuse to force me to keep constant. Now is a reason to be creative, to work, to strive every day, to do better and, of course, to be a little better person.

Thanks to the account of Instagram I have also met new people, known better than others I already knew and I have let them know me a little better. And this is good, is not it? I think so, because in reality … it makes me happy. It makes me happy when a friend asks me to help her make a craft to give to the person she loves. It makes me happy when someone asks me for advice on a project. You make me happy I love the smile that escapes you when you want to ask me a favor and not be “interested”. And I also love the sincere smile when I tell you that I will help you. But I still like it more when you smile after having finished a project and see what you have done. You are adorable people and you make me happy.

I think that’s why I’ve started publishing tutorials and DIY … I want you to smile at everyone. The only bad thing is that I can not see if you smile or not, but when you comment with emojis of smiles and hearts, I imagine so. And that makes me happy. So thank you all for being there. The ones I know the most and the ones I know the least. Those who only follow me as an artist, but also those who follow me as a person. Those who only come to read the blog, as those who only come to watch the tutorials, as those who only come to look at my social networks. Everyone, because you make me want to do it better every day and with that you make me a better person.

Believe me that I have learned a lot this year thanks to you and the feedback received. Dedication, perseverance, work, discipline … I could list many and still leave many without saying, and I do not want to bore you either. This year has been very intense for me and I assure you that it was thanks to you and your support.

Thank you for these 365 days, I hope to keep seeing you and keep growing with you.

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