I would be ashamed to work at ‘Ausonia’

Every year , Ausonia (spanish brand of sanitary towels and feminine hygiene products), makes me feel more disgusting. I’m sick of the misogyny makeup of their ads and the slogans that seems to be ‘feminist’ but that after analyzing a them minute… they start to smell rancid.

All the slogans Ausonia has used since I can remember have been exactly the same. A pseudo-feminist message, that all it seeks is to beg woman empathy to sell a product of basic need at a price of gold. Their interest in women is not their welfare, but their money. That’s it. There’s no more.

LIE: “With each pack of Ausonia, you collaborate with one minute of research against cancer.”

As different consumers’ associations have already denounced, the motto of this campaign is completely FAKE. Although Ausonia defends itself by saying that “it is a way of visualizing the contribution made”, the reality is that Ausonia makes a regular fixed contribution to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC). Neither has contributed more when its benefits have been higher or lower.

“Many packs mean many minutes.” WE CONTINUE WITH THE LIE.

This sentence was the tagline of the previous one. Well, as Ausonia donates a fixed amount to the Spanish Association Against Cancer, no matter how many packs do you buy: the amount that Ausonia will contribute to the AECC is the same. End of the equation.

As you may have guessed … these slogans are clearly focused on empathizing with breast cancer (ads use pink handkerchiefs). Few things seem more miserable than using a devastating illness to achieve an economic benefit.

And not only that… Ausonia does not say how much their contributions have been to the AECC. So… people are buying Ausonia to collaborate against cancer and the reality is they are collaborating in the construction of the second mansion of an executive’s son, while cancer research in Spain advances in very close steps for the lack of funding.

“Ausonia, the value of being a woman” ARE YOU KIDDING, HONEY?

We will remember for a second that Ausonia boasts of collaborating with the Spanish Association against CANCER. And remember that many women who have suffered womb CANCER have lost it, therefore, they will never have a period again…

… And in the advertisement you try tell me that buying Ausonia is to demonstrate the ‘value of being a woman’, right?… That value that womb cancer survivors does not have because they don’t have the period, right?… To me a woman who has overcome a cancer and gets up every day with a smile seems to me that it has much more value than a woman whose biggest problem in life is not to drip the sanitary towel. Well… now that I am thinking about it for a second… it makes a lot of sense… because those women are no longer your potential customers, you do not give a shit anymore… Am I wrong, Ausi?

Actually, this slogan was used since the beginning of the year, but as I don’t watch TV a lot, I just found out now. And it could not have given me more disgust when I heard it. I stopped using products of this brand 10 years ago, when I began to realize the misery of their ads, and I can not be more proud. I made this decision when I was 15 and I think it is the ‘princicples promise for principles that I have been carrying out inconstantly for many years.

Well, this was what came to my mind when listening to the Ausonia’s ad. Again, Ausonia continues to manipulate the empathy of women in exchange for money and, again, I still dislike them. And I’m sorry, but I can not keep quiet or change my principles. That’s why I’ve titled it that way. Because that is the truth. And because, as a woman, I am deeply ashamed of each of the women who have allowed this type of misogynistic ads to be aired.

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