Pandora’s Box: it was not a box or a myth

I’m sorry. I don’t know if someone was marveled at the idea that the mythical Pandora had a box. But no, Pandora’s box wasn’t a box. It was [mytho-spoiler] a vessel. Something quite evident, on the other hand, when dealing with a Greek myth. Specifically, it was a pithos (πίθος). But someone, one day, decided to call it ‘box’.

I find it really difficult to confuse a vessel and a box. I don’t know… they have different shapes, they are usually made of different materials, they are used for different purposes … I also don’t believe that a box has more glam than a vessel as far as myth is concerned. And I would bet that most languages ​​of the world use quite different words for ‘box’ and ‘vessel’. Literally, I can’t understand that someone could confuse a box and a vessel. But someone did. And we don’t care for centuries.

With a simple search in Google Images you will realize that the Pandora’s BOX has been with us for centuries. Most of the artists who have painted or sculpted the figure of Pandora, have attached a BOX. They didn’t care even for a second. Nor did they care that Athena clothed her, since in most Pandora images she appears nude. All those artists, some known as ‘realists’, have mistaken a vessel for a box. And they did not care. And we didn’t care too.

Only some artists have represented the true Pandora. They did care. And, do you know what they have achieved? That one day I saw a painting of Pandora with a vessel and asked myself ‘where is the box?’. So I searched for it on Google. And I discovered Pandora’s vessel. Those artists who did care, awaken a conscience.

And basically I think that’s inside Pandora’s VESSEL: conformism. We don’t care about sooooo many things. So many injustices that we don’t care. We do not care, because it do not happen to us. Until one day something happens to us and, you know what? that the rest of the people don’t care. I do not want to be like that, I do not want to be conformist about everything. And I know that I have sinned of having said that it was coherent with my principles but… many times I didn’t care. Pandora’s VESSEL opened just after being closed for the first time and its was emptied over all of us.

But not more. I need to be really consistent with my principles to feel better about myself. So I’m going to start to care. Well, maybe not care about everything. Because it is impossible and because I would have a level of anxiety incompatible with life. I will close the Pandora’s VESSEL that I have inside

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