No nací para estar callada. Este blog es un resumen de todo lo que llevo dentro, mis ideas, mis principios, lo que me hace ser yo. Y tengo que gritarlo.

I was not born to be quiet. This blog is a summary of everything that I have inside, my ideas, my principles, what makes me be me. And I have to shout it.

Advantages and disadvantages of buying handmade

When you buy crafts, you are not only buying a unique item made exclusively for you, but also a piece of the heart of whoever made it. But buying handmade items has its advantages and disadvantages.

I’ve already made 300 origami cranes!

Last Friday I reached 300 cranes. I cant believe it! Every day,i make one more origami crane until I complete my Senbazuru.

Raffle! All information here

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100 finished cranes

These are the first 100 origami cranes for my senbazuru. I started to do them in February and, one each day, they are already 100. It seemed that it was never going to arrive, but in the end it has … I will continue doing cranes until finishing the thousand with perseverance, patience and will.

I would be ashamed to work at ‘Ausonia’

Every year , Ausonia (spanish brand of sanitary towels and feminine hygiene products), makes me feel more disgusting. I’m sick of the misogyny makeup of their ads and the slogans that seems to be ‘feminist’ but that after analyzing a them minute… they start to smell rancid.

200 origami cranes ready to fly

One a day, I’ve already made 200 origami cranes. It says fast, but faster time has passed, believe me. I started in February and suddenly we are at the end of August. Tempus fugit.

Pandora’s Box: it was not a box or a myth

I’m sorry. I don’t know if someone was marveled at the idea that the mythical Pandora had a box. But no, Pandora’s box wasn’t a box. It was [mytho-spoiler] a vessel. Something quite evident, on the other hand, when dealing with a Greek myth. Specifically, it was a pithos (πίθος). But someone, one day, decided to call it ‘box’. And we don’t care for centuries.