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Have not you heard about yet? To celebrate 1000 Instagram followers I’m doing a raffle!

Participate until Sunday, November 25 at 23:59!

You could win any item from my store with free shipping. Only for residents in Spain.

Participating is very simple: you just have to follow my Instagram profile and comment on the publication of the draw by tagging two friends. You can comment as many times as you want, without repeating mentions, to get additional participations.

Raffle Info

  • Sunday November 25, 2018, at 23:59 (Spanish Peninsula time) the raffle closes. No comments posted latter won’t be counted.
  • Wednesday, November 28, 2018: the provisional list of participants and participations will be published here. Anyone who believes that their comments have not been correctly accounted for, can claim until Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 23:59.
  • Friday, November 30, 2018: I will publish the definitive list of participants and participations.
  • Saturday, December 1, 2018: I will announce the winner of the raffle.

I will contact the winner during that weekend 🙂

Provisional List of Participants and Participations

This is the provisional list, if any participant believes that their participations have not been counted correctly, that they contact me before Thursday, November 29, 2018 at 23:59.

  • @carliredondo: @aidagarmo @mar_eps
  • @mar_eps: @luciarodera @sandrarodera
  • @mar_eps: @jess_cruzmor @cristimorenob
  • @aiinhoatp: @xikitina96 @silvertw98
  • @aiinhoatp: @andreapeelaz @andreeamartin97
  • @aiinhoatp: @ertojo_rko23 @jesus_p_arranz
  • @aiinhoatp: @alvaro9590 @albertogalan98
  • @aiinhoatp: @virgy_35 @merysantis
  • @aiinhoatp: @jorgecubero1 @__sophi99__
  • @skyscrappy: @bunnyart.16 @kira_creaciones
  • @skyscrappy: @mjscrapp @ladycraftweb
  • @skyscrappy: @izarra4669 @lauraserranosan23
  • @mar_eps: @laurita_nacarino @lauraheels
  • @nuriasanchezcalzas: @abrll @jesuschuso9900
  • @abrll: @nurijrp @tamyud14
  • @claprco: @fan_de_lo.gratis @la_tia_paka_
  • @claprco: @keteparece00 @tirielen
  • @articulos_macrame: @cxrolinx_xb @palta_con_pancito
  • @articulos_macrame: @mariana_magaly__ @pakans_23
  • @articulos_macrame: @evamamani @belen_18_catdog
  • @articulos_macrame: @confecciones_costura @makitaa123_
  • @articulos_macrame: @chinaa_u.u @xdx_xd_
  • @_javi_yustii_: @jesica_7407 @vanesamarquezrazores
  • @_javi_yustii_: @_.martaaguilar._ @_miriaam17
  • @tamyud14: @bugru28 @amanda192517 \ud83d\ude01
  • @tamyud14: @ivancd9 @josemicruz \u263a\ufe0f
  • @tamyud14: @nani4sweet @paqui.donate \ud83d\ude01
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: @osnapitzmariia @godisawomanyeah
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: @marcgarciia14 @marcoosfdez.16
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: @priv.osnapitzmariia @mariawikstorm
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: @bloomsivan___ @sendmeeuros
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: @error404_oficial @sary_la_del_swag
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: @estelaana00 @nickiminajfans00

The participations of @ainnhoatp have been discarded for not meeting the first requirement: follow my Instagram profile.

Definitive List of Participants and Participations

This is the definitive list and, tomorrow, I will publish who has won.

  • @carliredondo: (@aidagarmo @mar_eps)
  • @mar_eps: (@luciarodera @sandrarodera)
  • @mar_eps: (@jess_cruzmor @cristimorenob)
  • @skyscrappy: (@bunnyart.16 @kira_creaciones)
  • @skyscrappy: (@mjscrapp @ladycraftweb)
  • @skyscrappy: (@izarra4669 @lauraserranosan23)
  • @mar_eps: (@laurita_nacarino @lauraheels)
  • @nuriasanchezcalzas: (@abrll @jesuschuso9900)
  • @abrll: (@nurijrp @tamyud14)
  • @claprco: (@fan_de_lo.gratis @la_tia_paka_)
  • @claprco: (@keteparece00 @tirielen)
  • @articulos_macrame: (@cxrolinx_xb @palta_con_pancito)
  • @articulos_macrame: (@mariana_magaly__ @pakans_23)
  • @articulos_macrame: (@evamamani @belen_18_catdog)
  • @articulos_macrame: (@confecciones_costura @makitaa123_)
  • @articulos_macrame: (@chinaa_u.u @xdx_xd_)
  • @_javi_yustii_: (@jesica_7407 @vanesamarquezrazores)
  • @_javi_yustii_: (@_.martaaguilar._ @_miriaam17)
  • @tamyud14: (@bugru28 @amanda192517 )
  • @tamyud14: (@ivancd9 @josemicruz )
  • @tamyud14: (@nani4sweet @paqui.donate )
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: (@osnapitzmariia @godisawomanyeah)
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: (@marcgarciia14 @marcoosfdez.16 )
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: (@priv.osnapitzmariia @mariawikstorm )
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: (@bloomsivan___ @sendmeeuros )
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: (@error404_oficial @sary_la_del_swag)
  • @kyliejenneresmimadre: (@estelaana00 @nickiminajfans00)

We have a winner!

I post here the video of the raffle, so you can check your participations. I have blurred an ad that appeared below the winner of the raffle.

Congratulations to…



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