“Do It Yourself”, “hazlo tú mismo”, o sencillamente DIY. Mis proyectos personales, paso a paso, para que puedas seguirlos. Para todos los niveles. Hechos con mucho amor y materiales reciclados.

‘Do It Yourself’, or just DIY. My personal projects, step by step, so you can follow them. For all levels. Made with lots of love and recycled supplies.

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Triangular Card folded in Star shape

This Triangular Card folded in the shape of a star is very simple to make. In addition, it can be adapted to any size, so you can include it in your Scrapbooking, Card and Craft projects. You will only need a square card, a ruler, a pencil, a cutter and other colored cards to decorate. …

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Origami Accordion Card

Learn how to make an origami accordion as long as you want.

Folded Infinite Card

Video tutorial on how to make this simple Infinite Folded Card.

Transferring images with Acrylic Medium

Tutorial of the Medium Acrylic technique for the transfer of photographs and texts, fast and easy!

Card with double slider

Spectacular card with two sliders that move simultaneously.

How to make a dispenser for washi or adhesive tape

A dispenser of adhesive tape or washi tape made with two cardboard tubes in just a few minutes!

Origami Lotus Flower

Sólo necesitarás un cuadrado de papel para elaborar esta preciosa flor de loto de origami.

Origami Kusudama Flower

Each petal of the Origami Kusudama flower is made separately and then assembled together.

Origami Tulip

Simple video tutorial on how to make an Origami Tulip. You will only need a square sheet of any size.

Mini Folded Album (unbound)

Mini folded album, which does not need binding, simple and quick to make!

Origami Shirt

An origami shirt is very simple to make and the result is perfect for Tarjetería, in this video I explain how to do it.

Origami Heart

Tutorial about how to make an origami heart. You only need a square of paper. Very simple and the result is spectacular!

3D Card with PopUp Camera Slider

How to make a spectacular 3D Card with Popup Camera Slider, you will only need some cards, ruler, paper and glue! Also, download the template for A5 cards and the key to adapt it to any size.

3-layer Exploding Box with inner box

A video tutorial on how to make an Explosive Box or 3-layer Exploding Box with multiple pockets and an inner box to give something very special.

Folded Giant Card

This time it’s a very short video on how to make a giant folded card. You will only need 4 cardboard sheets. Also, in the video I also tell you how to make even longer cards, as much as you can think of!

How to make a card with a “hidden message”

Today I bring you this very special tutorial to make a card with a “hidden message” and heart decorations. Ideal for Valentine’s Day.

Cascade album with handle

By popular acclaim, here is the cascaded album tutorial. It’s quite simple, I promise you that doing it a couple of times you will master the technique.

Template to make card-sized envelopes

He creado esta plantilla para hacer sobres tamaño tarjeta en cualquier papel.

How to make rigid figures of cord or wool

Learn how to make figures of wool or rope that, once dry, are completely rigid. Ideal as decoration!

How to make an Origami Crane

This is a video of how to make an Origami crane (orizuru) in 5 minutes.

Pirate Chest made using recycled cardstock

I usually buy online and my house is full of delivery cardboard boxes. I keep all of them the idea of ​​recycling them into a project. Long live Diogenes! With a thin cardboard from an Amazon order I made this little pirate chest.